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​Get To Know Your Customers Day

Mike Jacka, 21 October 2021

Tutustu asiakkaisiisi. Mikä mahtava idea. Ja eikö olekin kiehtovaa, että tämä saattaa olla sen verran vieras asia, että on tunnistettu päivä, joka korostaa erityisesti tätä tarvetta – päivä, jota juhlitaan neljännesvuosittain.

”Get to know your customers. What a great idea. And isn’t it fascinating that the concept is so foreign to some people that a day has been identified to specifically emphasize the need — a day that is celebrated quarterly.

Which raises basic questions every audit department should be asking. Do you know your customers? Do you talk to them? Do you understand their business? Do you know the risks they face and the associated responses? Can you explain what they do and how it impacts the work you do? And the most basic question — one some audit shops never ask — do you know who your customers are in the first place?”

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