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The differences between an internal audit certification and a certificate

Building a Better Auditor: Certificates and Certification — Two Keys to Career Advancement

ServiceNow’s Brian Foster explains in the Building a Better Auditor blog. 30 March 2021:

”So, should you seek out certificates or certifications? The answer is yes. They both provide value to those who invest the time and energy to earn them, and to their employers. But when deciding which to pursue at different times in your career, it is important to recognize the fundamental differences between the two.

Certificates are assessments based at a point in time, meaning they recognize capacity or knowledge built in focused specialty practice areas or skills. Professional certifications, such as The IIA’s Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) or Certification in Risk Management Assurance (CRMA), are earned credentials that demonstrate the holder’s knowledge, skills, and competencies. Certifications also typically have qualifying criteria, such as an ethical requirement, work experience, and educational attainment. In addition, IIA certifications require holders to stay current with internal audit practices through continuing education. The distinction can be a little fuzzy, but basically certificates assess knowledge of a specific topic, and certifications validate broader competency as professionals. Unlike with certificates, certification holders are recognized with a professional designation.”

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