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What My 10 Most-read Blog Posts of 2021 Say About Internal Auditors

Richard Chambers, December 13, 2021

”Each year about this time, I reflect back on the year and the blogs I have written. Having authored more than 530 blog posts over the past 12 years, I have come to believe their readership is a good litmus test of contemporary internal auditors’ priorities and concerns. So, as I did in past years, I have identified the 10 most-read blogs in 2021 to re-share with you – in case you missed some.

Identifying the most popular blogs this year was bit more challenging than in the past, because I transitioned my blog series from The IIA to my own website after I stepped down as The IIA’s President and CEO in March. In all, my 50 blog posts so far in 2021 have been read more than 150,000 times by practitioners in 146 countries and territories. The top 10 reveal [MOU1] a lot about the state of the profession.”

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