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Toukokuu 1/2022 – Impact paper – The conflict in Ukraine: What do you need to know about cybersecurity?

”Although it remains silent about concrete actions and attacks, clear indications show in the wake of the Ukrainian conflict an expansion of malicious cyber activity, both inside and outside the conflict area. In a digital world, cyber attacks can have a huge impact on daily operations and
business, rendering our private and public companies and organizations more vulnerable. Therefore, they need to prepare proactively a mitigation of the potential impact of such events.

This paper intends to raise awareness and to encourage organizations to reflect on their cyber readiness in the context of the conflict in Ukraine. This changing environment calls for a reassessment of the current cyber risk exposure and an evaluation of the need to implement additional measures. Whether or not cyber risk was considered in the past, the current situation may provide an opportunity to assess what needs to be done or to review the existing measures.”

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