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ECIIA-EUROSAI Working group: A joint strategic cooperation report

ECIIA and EUROSAI have conducted a project about the collaboration between Public Sector Internal Audit and SAIs in the public sector in Europe. The report was launched at the ECIIA-EUROSAI Public Sector Forum that took place on the 6th of October, in Brussels.

The two organisations have decided to examine and analyse the relationships and degree of cooperation that currently exist between Public Sector Internal Audit and SAIs in various countries in Europe with a view to identifying good practices, potential benefits, and also possible obstacles and risks.

To do this, a survey was designed as two questionnaires – one which was sent to all ECIIA member countries and the other to all EUROSAI members. We collected feedback from 28 SAIs and from 130 Internal Audit units in 24 countries. The benefits of collaboration between Public Sector Internal Audit units and SAIs are significant whilst the commensurate risks are known, acceptable and can be mitigated.

“We are happy to see that the collaboration has improved, compared to the previous survey 10 years ago,” said Soledad Llamas, chairing the ECIIA-EUROSAI Working Group.

The main conclusions and the details of the survey results are available in the report.

You can find the report also in member area ”Whitepaper”.