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Agents of Change – Richard Chambers sits down with Kiko Harvey

Join Richard Chambers for a new episode of his Agents of Change video series, featuring conversations with internal audit leaders from some of the world’s most prominent organizations about innovation in the profession.

In this episode, Richard sits down with Kiko Harvey, Associate Senior Vice President of Audit Services at USC, former Inspector General at the UN World Food Programme, and former CAE of Delta Air Lines and Starbucks, to discuss how she keeps herself and her high-performing team engaged by seeking out new challenges and work that really matters, as well as:

  • Knowing that she has a seat at the table when audit is sought out for advice and to help solve problems for the business.
  • Building close ties to ERM to help audit stay ahead in an evolving risk environment.
  • Embracing data analytics to identify big problems where audit should direct their attention.
  • Leaning into remote work and learning to trust people who are getting their work done — no matter where they’re doing it.

Watch the video here.