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AI Monday October – 21.10 klo 17 – Oodi

AI Monday October is going to explore how AI is changing the world and our feelings. We will hear great stories about the success and impact of Elements of AI, discuss the need for pooling data across companies to feed artificial intelligence and see how to capture customer feelings with AI.

Note that the event starts at 17:00 and the presentations start at 17:30.

The theme of this event is ”Nothing but feelings”.
On stage:

  • Johan Himberg – Reaktor
  • Marko Turpeinen – 1001 Lakes
  • Terje Ennomäe – Feelingstream

Place is Oodi, Maijansali. Presentations are also streamed on-line, starting this time at 17:30. Videos are available on T&T pages a day or two afterwards.

More information and register from here.