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Auditboard: An Active Voice in Internal Audit Reports Inspires Action

One of the complaints we hear most from internal auditors — and their clients — across the world is that lengthy reports often don’t prompt action. During our practitioner days, we were often disappointed when internal audit reports we labored long and hard to craft often landed with a deafening silence. It wasn’t that the client didn’t agree with our conclusions. It was often a case that the passive nature of the report failed to inspire action.

Through delivering training to internal audit teams across the world, Sara has seen both entrenched habits and a desire for change. How can we approach reporting differently, by focusing on something that puts the spotlight on action? In this piece, we will share how you can master a surprising writing trick that makes reports clear, credible, and compelling — shifting from passive to active voice.

Read the full blogpost by Sara I. James & Richard Chambers here.