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ECIIA Banking Committee: ”Key challenges in the roll-out of Big Data and Advanced Analytics”

”The European Banking Authority (EBA) has published a report on the recent trends of Big Data & Advanced Analytics in the banking sector and on the key considerations in the development, implementation and adoption of Big Data & Advanced Analytics.

The aim of this assessment is to share knowledge among the stakeholders and, in particular, to ensure regulators and supervisors are well informed on the developments, in an effort to support technological neutrality across the regulatory and supervisory approaches. The need for necessary competence is becoming increasingly important, raising an important challenge for institutions, supervisors and regulators. Training and development, as well as closer engagement between the relevant stakeholders, could be an appropriate starting point for addressing this challenge.”

Dokumentti on jäsenosiossa. (Kun olet sisäänkirjautunut: dokumentti löytyy kohdasta Jäsenalue – Ladattavat tiedostot.)