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Free Inspiration webinars and workshops on Process Mining for the Nordics

If you try to map your internal business processes then you probably know that the information you get can be subjective and not always accurate. Now this lack of accuracy can be addressed using Process Mining.

The use of Process Mining is a rapidly growing discipline due to the potential for large savings e.g proving its value in relation to many past and ongoing Robotic Process Automation projects worldwide.

What is Process Mining?

Process Mining is focused on visualizing a business process so you can understand it, analyze it, see the key controls points and determine if they are working. Opportunities for process improvement are then obvious. Process Mining uses log data to find out what really happens in your business processes and the goal is to optimize your business processes by comparing an existing process to the ideal process.

Who is Process Mining for?

  • Internal Audit and Compliance
  • Finance
  • Risk Managers
  • Business and Process Owners

Benefits of using Process Mining

  • Compare achievements between departments and employees based on factual data
  • Look at the entire business process, and not just parts of a process
  • Discover defects in business processes before deviations escalate into problems
  • Track the effectiveness of changes by comparing the new situation to the baseline.

Free inspiration webinars and workshops

To understand how Process Mining empowers you to deliver value and how other companies benefit from this technology, please join this webinar on April 24th at 11-12 (CEST) where Dennis Boersen from the Dutch company Achmea will be sharing his experiences with Process Mining. For those interested there will be 1 CPE point available for this session.

The free Nordic workshops are still being planned, and in the meantime, we have created a LinkedIn user group to enable networking with people in the Nordics who share the interest in process mining, Process Mining Group Nordic

For any questions on this, please contact Carsten Christiansen from Bizcon carsten.christiansen@bizcon.dk or +45 2047 3903