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Internal Auditors: Put Away Your Radar Guns

October 31, 2022 Richard Chambers

”As my faithful blog readers know, I like use analogies to make a point to members of the internal audit profession. Over the years, I have encouraged us to courageously “sail toward the storms” confronting our organizations. I have argued that we must “push against closed doors” to gain full access to information. I have even argued that we must shed our image as “bean counters” and demonstrate our expertise on how beans are grown, harvested, and taken to market.

Over the past two decades, we have shed many of the classic stereotypes that weighted us down for so much of our storied past. We have been called upon by our boards and executive management stakeholders to help our organizations navigate the risks of cyber breaches, toxic cultures, even ineffective risk management itself. But despite our progress, there are still some stigmas that we must work collectively to discard.”

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