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Internal Audit’s Customer Service Gap

Internal Audit’s Customer Service Gap // Blog by Mike Jacka, 11 June 2019

CAEs must seek out any opportunity to educate themselves about board and executive management views on risk to find proper alignment. This starts with continuous conversations between CAEs and their internal audit function’s key stakeholders. Communication is vital to maintaining alignment. It also includes leveraging survey data and other resources that provide insight into the bigger picture from board members and executive management and what is influencing their views. There is value to gauging the perspectives of other boards and executive management in other organizations. However, every stakeholder is different; therefore, CAEs must be in tune with the specific perspectives on risk of their board and executive management.

On a scale of one to 10 — 10 being most excellent and one being quite bogus — how would you rate the service you give your internal audit customers? Read the whole article from here.