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Kriittinen ajattelu – tärkeä sisäisen tarkastajan taito

Thinking About Thinking, blog post by Mike Jacka, 30 April 2019

When audit leaders are asked for the most important skills they want in their internal auditors, critical thinking always comes in at the top of the hit parade. Here’s some recent examples showing this desire for critical thinking skills — one from IIA Global, one from MISTI, and one from Richard Chambers’ blogs.

Try any one of the resources listed above. Or go exploring on your own; there is a lot out there. But, ultimately, learn as much as you can about critical thinking and start thinking about how you think.

Then, when we understand the processes that make up how we think — the good, the bad, and the erroneous — that is the time when we will actually be practicing effective critical thinking.

Read the whole blog from here.

Lisää kriittisestä ajattelusta, ja sisäisen tarkastajan vuorovaikutustaidoista syksyllä 10.9 järjestettävässä koulutuksessa ”Tarkastajan vuorovaikutus- ja vaikuttamistaidot”.