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Meet CIA, CRMA Lina Xu-Fenz

Lina Xu-Fenz, CIA, CRMA
Head of Internal Audit
Helvetia Versicherungen AG
Vienna, Austria

1. What prompted you to become certified?
Initially, I decided to become CIA-certified to build confidence in my internal audit knowledge and demonstrate my commitment to the profession. While I was preparing for the CIA certification, it became even more clear that I am not only doing it to obtain a well-known and globally accepted internal audit certification, but to truly broaden and deepen my internal audit horizon. As the CIA requires you to understand a wide range of internal audit concepts in detail, you have to prepare yourself in a structured and planned manner for the exams.

2. What IIA certifications do you hold, and why did you choose to pursue them?
I hold the CIA and CRMA certifications. While preparing for the CIA, I also started to prepare for the CRMA exam to strengthen my risk management knowledge and validate my ability to provide risk management assurance and advice. Personally, I think that both certifications complement each other very well and enhance your understanding of risk management topics.

3. How do your IIA certifications set you apart from your non-certified peers?
The CIA and CRMA require you to understand a wide range of internal audit/risk management concepts and support you in applying these concepts in your daily audit work. Obtaining well-known and internationally accepted certifications such as the CIA and CRMA makes it easier to communicate your skills and knowledge to the outside world and people who do not know you well.

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