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Oletko jo tutustunut – How Internal Audit can mitigate Insider Threats

Jim Pelletier, CIA, vice president of Professional and Stakeholder Relations for The IIA, kirjoittaa siitä, mitkä ovat ”4 Simple Steps Internal Auditors Can Take To Mitigate Insider Threats” seuraavasti:

  1. Least privilege refers to giving users only the access they need to perform their assigned duties.
  2. Password controls should be simple and straightforward. However, the average person resists investing even minimal brain power on his or her passwords.
  3. Social engineering relates to a combination of psychological, physiological, and technological techniques that prey upon human emotions to get victims to take some sort of action they otherwise would avoid.
  4. Patching, particularly security updates, are critical for mitigating known security weak spots.

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