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OnRisk 2020 – report, blog and podcast

It’s the First Report of Its Kind! Short video introducing the report.

OnRisk 2020: A Guide to Understanding, Aligning, and Optimizing Risk will change the way organizations view and understand risk. This unique report captures the views of key risk management players and exposes troubling misalignments in perceptions on risk management. The report not only exposes these misalignments, but also provides actionable guidance on how to bring all parties’ perceptions of 11 critical risks facing organizations into closer alignment.

CAE Podcast, IIA President and CEO Richard Chambers and managing director of CAE services at The IIA Harold Silverman discuss of the report.

Read also Richard Chambers blog ​“Groundbreaking IIA Report Could Reshape Views on Risk Management” which highlights some key issues of this report.

Download your OnRisk 2020 report from here.