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Richard Chambers: Professional Resilience Means Never Being Defined by Our Failures

My blogs normally focus on topics of direct interest to internal auditors. However, I often receive notes from readers outside the profession who can relate to the messages I share. The fact is, we all share common experiences – particularly when it comes to our careers. Regardless of the profession you are pursuing, there will be highs and lows. In my own career, I experienced periods of extraordinary success, often followed by a disappointment or two.

We’ve all been there. We thought we were the leading candidate for an executive assignment with a high-profile company, only to learn that the selection panel went in a different direction. We were in line for a promotion, only to learn that the boss selected one of our colleagues. Or, in an even worse scenario, we were let go from a job we loved due to new leadership wanting to go in a different direction, or company downsizing. These situations are disappointing from a career standpoint, and they can be very stressful on a personal level. But how we respond can impact the rest of our lives.

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