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Säästä CRMA-maksussa heinäkuussa

IIA Global tarjoaa CRMA-maksun (CRMA program application fee) ilmaiseksi heinäkuun ajan (1.-31.7.2019) tukeakseen jäsentensä ammatillista kehittymistä.

”Each year, IIA Global Headquarters waives the application fee for the Certification in Risk Management Assurance® (CRMA®) to support the professional development of our members. This year, the CRMA application fee has been moved from August to July. 

The App Fee Waiver provides savings to candidates of up to US$230. Members who are interested in obtaining the CRMA certification can apply to the program for free from 1 July through 31 July 2019.”

Lue lisää: https://global.theiia.org/certification/Pages/Pricing-Structure.aspx