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Six Traits Leading Internal Audit Job Candidates Should Possess


”Nämä seuraavat kuusi ominaisuutta” – vaikka ne eivät takaa menestystä – tulisi olla jokaisen tarkastusjohtajan toivelistalla sisäisen tarkastuksen työnhakijoiden kyvyistä.

The “Big Six” are a set of capabilities that, while they don’t ensure success, should be on every chief audit executive’s wish list of talents, as well as the areas that aspiring internal audit job applicants should be working hard to showcase.

Characteristics are more about the softer, intrinsic things that make up who we are as individuals, as opposed to what we have learned and what we know, and then apply as we go about our work—our skills. It’s common for chief audit executives to say something like, “I can teach someone to audit and they can learn the business; what is harder is to teach them to be inquisitive, develop trusting relationships, and demonstrate initiative.”

Top Characteristics of a Good Internal Audit Candidate

I consulted many in the field. I listened and reflected. And, after much thinking, consolidating, and self-debate, I came to some conclusions. So, in no particular order, here are what I consider the six coveted characteristics of leading internal audit candidates—the Big Six:

  1. Curiosity, a Keen Ear, and the Ability to Ask Good Questions
  2. Flexibility and Adaptability
  3. Tolerance for Stress
  4. Empathy
  5. Self-Motivation
  6. Bravery

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