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Supply Chain Security and Resilience: Harnessing the Potential of Internal Audit

About the report

In an era where global disruptions are the new normal, the resilience and security of supply chains have become paramount for business continuity and success. The latest report, Supply Chain Resilience and Security: Harnessing the Potential of Internal Audit ” offers an in-depth exploration into this critical area, underlining the essential role of internal audit in enhancing supply chain resilience against a backdrop of global challenges.

This comprehensive analysis is the result of extensive collaboration with internal audit professionals from various industries that depend heavily on global supply chains. We convened a roundtable in September 2023, bringing together Chief Audit Executives (CAEs), audit committee chairs, and experts in supply chain risk and internal audit. This was complemented by several one-on-one interviews, providing diverse perspectives and deep insights into the topic.

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