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Top 10 ’Your Voices’ Blogs of 2021

Robert Perez -blog / December 29, 2021

”Readers of the ”Your Voices” blogs on InternalAuditor.org were focused on career development and improving their mental approach to the profession. With nearly 60,000 page views in the blog series’ first 10 months, the Top 10 most-read blog posts were equally split between Building a Better Auditor and On the Frontlines.

The most-read blog, penned by ServiceNow internal audit leader Brian Foster, CIA, focused on the value of professional certifications and certificates. In Certificates and Certification — Two Keys to Career Advancement, Foster notes his first-hand observations of how certificates and certifications support personal and career development and influence how potential employees view the holder. ”So, should you seek out certificates or certifications? The answer is yes. They both provide value to those who invest the time and energy to earn them, and to their employers.”

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