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Webcast Wed 3 May 2017 at 11 am (1 hour) ”Internal audit in the public sector in Finland, Iceland and Sweden”

The Nordic Network for Public Sector Internal Auditors (NORPIA) have conducted a comparison of the conditions for internal audits between Finland, Sweden and Iceland. The survey was made through a questionnaire that was sent out by the local IIA in the three countries.

Wednesday 3 May 2017 Stina Nilsson Kristiansson and Pirkko Nylund, from The Swedish Police Authority, Catarina Kvarnström Kemi, from The Swedish Board of Agriculture, Björn Karlsson Grinde, from The Swedish Tax Agency, and Annika Alexandersson, from The Swedish National Financial Management Authority, will present the results and conclusions from the survey.

The seminar will be webcasted. The link will be published on The Swedish National Financial Management Authority (www.esv.se) website before the seminar starts. (No registration in advance is required to take part through the webcast.) The presentation will be held in English. http://www.esv.se/utbildningar-och-seminarier/natverk/statliga-internrevisorer/

It will be possible to ask questions through the Web during the seminar. The seminar starts 10.00 (Swedish time) and ends at 11.00.