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What the New Standards Mean to Quality Assessments – webinaaritallenne jäsenosiossa

In 2024, The IIA published the update to the IPPF, including new Global Internal Audit StandardsTM. The new Standards seek to elevate the quality of internal audit by requiring an internal audit function to demonstrate not only conformance, but also performance.

In this session, you will be provided with insight into how to effectively implement the new Standards to ensure that internal audit provides the best possible quality service to your organization. Warren Hersh, director of IIA Quality Services, will provide tips and suggestions on how to implement the Standards successfully and practically in the most efficient and effective way, drawing on his vast experience in conducting quality assessment reviews and helping to establish and improve internal audit functions. In addition, Basil Woller will provide insight into common observations from quality assessment reviews, drawing on his many years of performing quality assessments and his role as principal author of The IIA’s Quality Assessment Manual.

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