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Trent Russell of Greenskies Analytics Markets IA’s Value With Attention-Grabbing Data

Join Richard Chambers for a new episode of his Agents of Change video series, featuring conversations with internal audit leaders from some of the world’s most prominent organizations about innovation in the profession.

In this episode, Richard sits down with Trent Russell, founder of Greenskies Analytics and host of The Audit Podcast, to discuss why harnessing the power of data and eye-catching visuals to effectively communicate about internal audit’s valuable work is key to effectively driving change in an organization, including:

  • Innovate the day-to-day — small differences aggregate to make a big impact.
  • Use data and good marketing to show the good internal audit is doing in a manner that grabs attention.
  • Solve the analytics talent challenge and cultivate a data-savvy team with low and no-code tools.

Watch the full conversation, and read the can’t-miss highlights here.