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Internal Auditor Magazine October 2018 – Editor’s Note: Keys to Succeed

Internal Auditor lehden päätoimittajan, Anne Millagen huomiot lokakuun lehdestä ovat seuraavat:

”The October issue of Internal Auditor is always my favorite issue of the year. In it, we recognize the up-and-coming internal audit professionals who are shaping the profession. These bright, young auditors are passionate about practicing, and advancing, internal auditing. They are innovative, and their positivity and enthusiasm are contagious.

As this year’s Emerging Leaders acknowledge, internal auditors face more challenges, and opportunities, than ever. So, what do they say are the keys to success in this evolving profession? The leaders, perhaps unsurprisingly, identify technology as one key, saying they expect to rely more on technology as their careers progress. In fact, technology skills are already an expectation of auditors. As Ernest Anunciacion of Workiva notes in this month’s ”Eye on Business,” ”since technology plays an increasingly large, fundamental role for companies, auditors must fully grasp what’s involved and associated with it.”

Certification is another important way in which this year’s Emerging Leaders differentiate themselves. In ”Certification: Where to Begin?”, Dana Lawrence, a risk consultant with Simple Finance, advises readers to consider which certifications to pursue based on what makes sense for one’s career and for one’s life.

Richard Anderson adds to the conversation in ”Ten Tips to Manage Your Career.” Anderson, clinical professor of risk management at DePaul University and a retired partner of PwC, has served as a mentor to many internal auditors throughout his career. In his article, he offers 10 skills that can help internal auditors prosper in today’s work environment — skills such as differentiating oneself from one’s peers and creating one’s own opportunities.

Internal Auditor’s Emerging Leaders, past and present, are a good barometer of what it takes to be successful in internal auditing. Take, for example, the apps they use. Just for fun, Senior Editor Shannon Steffee asked Emerging Leaders from all the way back to 2013 what apps they use to enhance their work and personal lives. In the InternalAuditor.org online exclusive, ”Powering Productivity,” the leaders share the apps they use for travel and expenses, productivity and organization, bridging language barriers, networking, and personal enjoyment.

Readers can learn more about the 2018 Emerging Leaders in our cover story. Thank you to this year’s distinguished judging panel, who rated our candidates in the areas of certification, business acumen, leadership, advocacy, community service, and innovative thinking.

Congratulations to the 2018 Emerging Leaders!

Anne Millage is editor in chi​ef of Internal Auditor magazine and editorial director at The IIA.​​​”

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