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09.04.2024 08:30 - 11.04.2024 13:30


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Hinnat ja ilmoittautuminen tulossa – merkitse päivät jo nyt kalenteriin!

If you plan to achieve the COSO Internal Controls – Integrated Framework Certificate, this course is for you! The purpose of the training is to give you as good as possible chances of passing the COSO Certificate exam on the first try.

The requirements for good governance are more and more prominent, both in the public and private sectors. COSO Internal Control Certificate program gives you an unique opportunity to enhance your expertise on the system of Internal Control, and prepare you to assess, plan, and execute it. The program is based on materials by COSO, and consists of three parts: self-paced e-learning, face-to-face classroom course, and an online open books exam.

The program is based on COSO Internal Controls Integrated Framework (2013) and contains case exercises. The target of the course is to achieve good understanding of the COSO Framework. You will also get practical tools on how to use the Framework in improving control in your organization.

The course is aimed at Internal Auditors, internal control responsible persons, external auditors, and risk management and compliance personnel with 2 to 6 years of professional experience.

The course contains three parts:

  • The first part is self-paced online learning (4.5 hours), which should be completed before the classroom part, and has to be completed before the exam.
  • the second part is 2.5 days of classroom training
  • the third part is the online examination. It is an open-books exam, which means you can use the COSO training materials when taking the exam.

The language for the course is English.

You get a link to the self-paced online part of the course a couple of weeks before the classroom part. We will also email you the materials for the classroom training. It is very important that you print out the classroom material before the course, as the exam will be open-books exam, and a lot of annotations and highlights will be shared during the course to help you to pass the exam.

Once you have passed the online training, and participated in the classroom training, you will receive a link to the online exam (about 2 weeks after the classroom part). You will have 90 days to take the exam and pass it.

The price of the course includes the online training, classroom training, and taking the exam. You can not take the exam if you have not participated in the training. There is no annual CPE requirement to maintain the COSO Internal Controls – Integrated Framework certificate.


Laura Sata-Leinonen

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